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Last Man Standing

Genres: Documentary, Biography, Crime

Countries: USA, Israel

Released: 2010

Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a documentary based on FBI files on the rise and fall of the Israeli Mafia in New York City with live interviews with the Godfather and Informant. Eitan Chaya, learned early that a life of crime was his escape from poverty in Israel. At 17, he was convicted of a murder he did not commit and served 6 yrs of the original life sentence. Then he headed to NYC and started a massive crime organization that spanned several countries entailing contract killing, heroine trafficking, money laundering and loan sharking. The organization, accomplished in 20 years what took others 50, at the pinnacle of their reign was obliterated by Informant Roman Gonan, resulting in arrests of 35 criminals including the top four leaders.

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