Episode Everybody Loves Hugo

Season 6, episode 12 of Lost

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Everybody Loves Hugo

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo

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Everybody Loves Hugo

In the island, Hugo grieves at Libby's grave; out of the blue, Michael appears and advises that many people will die if they go to the other island. Ilana brings four dynamites from the Black Rock, but has an accident and blows up. The group follows Richard through the woods until the Black Rock that is blown up by Hugo. He tells that Jacob is there and asked them to talk to Locke. Richard doe not believe and tells that he will destroy the plane and Ben and Miles follow him. Later, Hugo tells to Jack that he had not seen Jacob and to talk to Locke was his idea. Meanwhile Sayid arrives at Locke's camp and shows Desmond tied up to a tree; John Locke asks why Charles Widmore brought him to the island. While they are walking through the woods, they see a boy and Locke asks Desmond to ignore him. They reach a deep well and Locke throws Desmond into the well. Then Hurley brings his group to meet Locke. In the parallel reality, Hugo is elected The Man of the Year of Los Angeles due to his ...

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