Episode Lighthouse

Season 6, episode 5 of Lost

Internet Movie Database

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: 2010


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Jack tells to Sayid that the pill was poison. He does not tell that there is a darkness growing inside him like happened with Claire. Meanwhile Claire rescues Jin from the trap and he awakes in the survivors wrecked camp with a prisoner that tells that Claire will kill them both. Claire wants to know where her son is and Jin tells that Kate took him to Los Angeles. Jacob gives new instructions to Hurley about a secret tunnel and tells that he should bring Jack with him. Jack and Hurley meet Kate that is seeking out Claire and they reach a lighthouse that they have never seen before where they make a weird discovery. In a parallel reality, Jack asks his mother when he had his appendix taken out while waiting for the coffin with his father. Jack has an estranged son, David, and when his mother find's Christian's will, she asks who Claire Littleton is. When Jack returns home, he does not find David but in the admission test for the conservatory of music.

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Claire Danes


Isla Fisher

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