Episode A Prayer for Our Daughters

Season 3, episode 4 of Tyrant

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A Prayer for Our Daughters

Genres: Drama, Action, Thriller

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

A Prayer for Our Daughters

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A Prayer for Our Daughters

A Prayer for Our Daughters: hd.1080p

Barry and Molly are reeling over Emma's murder. Molly, in particular, is not functioning well, as she can't get over the fact that Emma's last words were to call out "Mommy". As such, she can only think of retaining whatever memories she has of Emma, those memories which require as much physical evidence as possible, and seeing Ihab dead in an eye for an eye. Barry too wants to see Ihab dead, but has to take a measured response which is seen as being Presidential, even in light of the personal tragedy. Barry in particular has to decide how much conclusive evidence he will need from Cogswell and Maloof as to Ihab's whereabouts and potential collateral damage before pulling the trigger. Unable to turn to his parents, Sammy continues to turn to Professor El-Amin, who in turn wants to lay a groundwork of a relationship that is more than just sex. Jamal's death leads to turning points for both Leila and Ahmed, the latter who still cannot get over the fact of being the offspring of a man ...

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T.V. Carpio


Freida Pinto

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