Episode Kindred Spirits

Season 1, episode 8 of American Gothic

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Kindred Spirits

Genres: Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

Kindred Spirits

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Kindred Spirits

Garrett has decided to rejoin the family fold, which in his mind means taking control of certain issues with which he knows his mother cannot disagree, at least not openly to other family members. Alison is finding reporter Jennifer Windham problematic in that she is reporting on information not only about the campaign but issues of sensitivity about the family about which only trusted sources would know. While Alison and Madeline decide to approach the issue head on with Jennifer, Jennifer's response makes Garrett think of an alternative more permanent solution. That path leads to some information that Alison may not like. Tessa is concerned about her pregnancy in more ways than one, the baby about which she has not yet even told Brady. Cam has settled into rehab and befriends a nurse named April, while Sophie contemplates taking an extreme move for her to remain close to Cam. Jack is taken to the camp for troubled children, which is billed to the attendees as something a little more...

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