Episode The Veteran in a New Field

Season 1, episode 10 of American Gothic

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The Veteran in a New Field

Genres: Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

The Veteran in a New Field

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The Veteran in a New Field

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Jennifer Windham's murder, which was videotaped by the perpetrator, leads to the police now believing that person Mitchell's SBK accomplice, especially as there are certain aspects of Windham's murder which match the SBK M.O. and that were never made public, meaning that this is not a copycat murder. As such, Garrett is released, his first priority which is to find pregnant and now in hiding Christina. Alison's theory of who the accomplice is she hopes to use to her political advantage, although she does feel guilty for her role in Windham being murdered. Tessa also has her own theories based on increasing bold face lies and half truths, but she also wants to know why Garrett could not tell her that he had never killed anyone. However, Brady isn't quite ready to absolve Garrett of all blame for SBK despite he being in jail the time of Windham's murder. Meanwhile, Cam has completed his rehab. Madeline wants him to pursue sole custody of Jack. His decision on the matter may rest on a ...

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