Episode Christina's World

Season 1, episode 4 of American Gothic

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Christina's World

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

Christina's World

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Christina's World

What looks to be Gunther's suicide is indeed ruled as such with evidence pointing to he being the Silver Bell Killer (SBK), with the Chief wanting Brady to be sure before he goes public. Brady passes this information to Tessa who passes it along to some of the other family members, who are all relieved that their family is no longer under scrutiny for the murders. Regardless, there is general consensus not to divulge to Brady or the police the find of the box of bells in the shed, the evidence which Madeline has since destroyed. Brady in turn hopes that he and Tessa can get back on track personally following his betrayal in obtaining samples of her hair for DNA. That may have to be placed on hold when he and Cutter discover evidence from an unexpected source pointing to Gunther not being the SBK and when Brady finds out some information about the hair sample. Alison and Naomi's secret liaison is also placed on hold when Eva Tyler, the woman who lost a foot in the tunnel collapse, ...

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Keri Russell


Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

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