Episode The Gross Clinic

Season 1, episode 7 of American Gothic

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The Gross Clinic

Genres: Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

The Gross Clinic

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The Gross Clinic

News that it is Mitchell's DNA that matches that on the belt and thus that he is the Silver Bells Killer (SBK) hits the media. With this fact, the police shut down the investigation believing they now have their man. However, Brady questions one specific aspect of Mitchell being the SBK, which leads to him doing more investigative work and a rare point of cooperation between him and Cutter. A hospitalized Garrett comes clean to the family about what he knows to be the truth regarding his father,...or so he says. Beyond Madeline who also knows the truth, one other person questions Garrett's view of reality. The news effectively shuts down Alison's run for mayor. With that, Tom, who is also affected in that clients are pulling their business, issues Alison an ultimatum: him and the family or Naomi. Feeling the stress from the news, Cam, given the opportunity, may fall off the wagon. Tessa and Brady negotiate the next step in their personal life, which may be threatened by Brady's action...

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Mélanie Laurent


Rachel Nichols

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