Episode Freedom from Fear

Season 1, episode 11 of American Gothic

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Freedom from Fear

Genres: Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

Freedom from Fear

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Freedom from Fear

Brady is able to track down Garrett and hold him at gunpoint as Garrett is digging up a buried skeleton in an isolated field in Maine, that dead body which he had intended to destroy by putting through a corn grinder. Simultaneously, Alison, Cam and Tessa confront their mother, who they catch in yet another lie, this time that the person who stoned teenaged Cam had seen being dragged down the stairs of their house was not Caleb O'Connor as she had stated. Garrett, who refuses to go back to jail because of Christina's condition, and Madeline feel they have no choice but to come clean to their accusers in light of the situation, both telling much the same story of what happened the night that person was dragged down the stairs, which was also the same night that Christina's father, Dave Morales, was murdered by SBK. However, the one of the two who has a more complete picture of what happened that night leaves out some key pieces of information. All the Hawthornes now know is that SBK's ...

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